• We're a startup studio that creates companies

  • About

    We launch and co-create new companies with entrepreneurs and/or corporations.

    What do we do

    We start with hundreds of ideas. Then, we partner with entrepreneurs to select and execute the best ones. We prototype, validate and fund them.
    Our goal is to spin off and create great companies.


    Fiera provides top-tier core resources:
    Design, engineering, growth hacking, marketing, finance, legal, office space in our building located in Palermo Hollywood and, of course, funding.


    Moreover, we bring experience of founding, investing, scaling tech companies and selling them to public corporations.

    What we don’t do

    We don’t take pitches (we are not a VC)

    We don’t take applications (we are not an accelerator)

    We don’t move slowly!

  • Process

    Our approach to building successful startups is unique. Take a step-by-step tour of the process.











  • Entreprenerus

    Co-Found with us!


    We have a singular goal: to partner with you, the Latin American top entrepreneurs, to build a company of enduring meaning and value.


    The unencumbered mind of an entrepreneur is the most powerful change agent on the planet. So from day one, you have seasoned co-founders by your side, access to world-class resources:

    User Experience

    We care about the details, from product strategy to system design and UX.


    We help craft the brand, prototype, and iterate towards product-market-fit.


    We help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and remove roadblocks.

    Growth Hacking

    We provide the latest marketing strategies that uses rapid experimentation across various channels and product development paths.


    We are a community of hands-on entrepreneurs providing guidance.

    Finance & Legal

    We provide finance, billing collection and a legal platform, so there is no need to initially incorporate the business to validate an idea.


    We provide the funding to validate the idea, launch the MVP as well as seed money for the spin offs.

    Office Space

    We provide shared office space where entrepreneurs work side-by-side in a unique creative studio located in Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

  • Corporations

    We empower corporations to innovate through entrepreneurship.



    1. We build a dedicated startup team of entrepreneurs and innovators

    We build teams of entrepreneurs and innovators for your organization. Entrepreneurs with at least 5-10 years experience in building businesses. Intrapreneurs with direct access to the assets of a corporate.


    2. The team runs outside the corporate context to execute at high speed.

    We separate innovation activities from the core business. Rules, policies and bureaucracy hinder innovation. Within our culture we stimulate creativity and we celebrate failures and execute fast.


    3. We don’t talk. We get things done.

    We are not consultants. We are entrepreneurs with a strong track record in tech startups. We create, build and validate at a fast pace.


    4. We turn opportunities into products and businesses your customers will love.

    Based on 20+ founded companies and 100+ projects we have developed a proven approach to launch a business within a few months. Our moonshot gives direction, but we start with customer-problems.




    Our Services for Corporations

    We get business results. Even within one day. Start small with the power of entrepreneurs and scale fast through the power of corporates.




    We Build a growing business with paying customers.




    We Build a portfolio of new businesses with your own studio platform.

  • Portfolio

    24 tech startups. 12 exits.

  • Team

    Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.


    Damian Voltes


    Serial Entrepreur and Investor since 1996. Founded 6 Internet companies and sold 3 of them to public corporations (FOX, News Corp and Demand Media). Invested in 22 tech startups (11 exits).


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    Osvaldo Garcia


    Chief Financial Officer with 20+ years of experience in the tech companies in Latin America. Track record in startups, international expansion, due diligence and M&A.


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    Mariano D'Agostino


    12 years building software. More than 100 apps developed for startups and corporations in US and LatAm. Managed a tech staff of 70+ developers, QA, product managers and designers.


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  • Careers

    We're always looking for great talent.

    Don't see a position that suits you, but want to get involved? Message careers@fierastudio.com

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    Cabrera 5567
    Palermo Hollywood
    Ciudad de Buenos Aires